The First EVER Fitsteps Showcase

On Saturday 22nd March I travelled up to Birmingham University for the FIRST EVER Fitsteps Showcase and WOW what an experience it was. The session started off with a 1 hour masterclass with Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe which was incredible. We learnt lots of new movements, flair and also new dances (watch out for these in your classes). We then had a talk given by Olympic Swimmer, Mark Foster, another founder of Fitsteps who explained about the health benefits of Ballroom and Latin Dances and of his experience on Strictly Come Dancing in 2008.

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Adult Dance Class

Dancing for weight loss

Dancing for weight loss may not, at first sound like one of the generally accepted weight loss methods or techniques. Even so, dancing has many benefits for those who find most mainstream means of successfully achieving weight loss a chore. Here we’ll take a look at some of those benefits and how dancing for weight loss can be every bit as successful for the people who enjoy having a great time as any other method.

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Can you dance your way out of depression?

Can you dance your way out of depression? There is some evidence that dancing is effective in relieving the symptoms of depression. Although formal studies have been limited on this, there was a recent, small study done that showed that a small group of participants who took salsa dancing classes for nine weeks showed significantly lower depression scores after completing their classes. Would these results apply only to salsa dancing or do all types of dancing have some positive treatment benefit for depression?

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